Month: June 2017

Leeds To Create Its Very Own Version Of New York’s High Line

I have recently heard some fantastic news about our city…….We are going to get a High Line, like New York City!

The disused Holbeck Viaduct (pictured above) is going to be transformed into a sky park with it’s arches beneath being developed into bars and restaurants. The development, named the “Holbeck Viaduct Project”, will also include 307 newly built homes and landscaping of the entire surrounding area.

Holbeck Viaduct as it currently looks

The 1.7km of old railway track that has been disused since the 1960s, will provide panoramic views of Leeds City Centre and its creators hope that it will help to transform the local community in Holbeck.


The whole project was inspired by High Line Park in New York City and Leeds Councillor Asghar Khan,  has quoted: “It will be like welcoming a bit of New York in Leeds.”

What is The High Line?

Created on an elevated section of disused New York Railroad, is the 2.34km long High Line Park, New York City. This now famous arial greenway project was created between 2006 – 2016 in three stages and stretches from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street. It continues to see exciting new additions to this day.

The major attraction of this New York Project is down to its elevation. You can get a unique look at the rest of the city by hopping on it in seconds, using the steps or elevators provided to take a look around or enjoy a scenic walk.

There is nothing more magical than the High Line in New York because of its aesthetic appeal and how it engrosses the city. You will be left mesmerized, and that is why it continues to be a big part of the city’s ethos. This is a unique attraction that has been built with a high level of care and continues to woo people around the city. 

The View of a New York Resident

Built along the historic freight rail line it was set up with the premise of creating something powerful and unique, while making the most of a historic freight rail line at the same time.


Picture By Beyond My KenOwn work, GFDL, Link

The Line is spread through various areas of New York, whether you are looking to get to Chelsea Market or to another part of town, you will be able to by the High Line. This is what makes it such a fantastic addition to the city.

Many different parts of the High Line are memorable and well-regarded for their mesmerising beauty, these include the passages around Chelsea Market, Northern Spur Preserve, and 14th Street. This is what makes the High Line special in the heart of New York because it has that historic touch people look for in a major city such as this.

The Holbeck Viaduct Project

I hope that the Holbeck project will have a similar outcome, as this run down area of Leeds is definitely in need of regeneration. Below are some artists impressions of what it should look like when it is complete and below that is a video including a stunning arial view of the viaduct:

Arches under Holbeck Highline

How The Holbeck Highline will look when complete

For more information on the project visit the official site here.

To have your say on the project go here.