Month: May 2019

Leeds Roofing Company

So my life has been overtaken lately doing repairs to my pride and joy, my humongous summerhouse at the bottom of my garden!

I have previous had sheds/outhouses but find that traditional roofs always end up leaking and need replacing every fews years after our usual yearly winds.

I decided to do something different for a summer house with a roof space that is over 18 square meters. So I did some research on rubber roofs that I been hearing a lot about lately.

Watch the video below to find out what EPDM is…

Most rubber roofing systems come with 25 year guarantees, that was enough to win me over!

I did a quick google search to find a roofer in Leeds and came across a company in Leeds that had some great reviews. I spoke to Tony, the owner of Leeds Roofing Company and he came over later that evening to have a look at the roof and measure up.

Summer House

Tony and his helper came back later that week with his roll of rubber and got to work on fitting the covering. The whole job only took a couple of hours as they first pasted the glue all over the roof and then carefully rolled out the rubber, taking great care to not leave any air bubbles.They then neatly cut and pinned the rubber on each side and then put on the wooden facias I had made, to provide a tight seal.

I would recommend Leeds Roofing Company to anyone wanting to get outbuilding covered in EPDM. They were very efficient, friendly and they made sure that  everything was cleared up when they finished.

You can visit their website here.