Month: June 2019

Cleaning Company Review

RGS Cleaning

Here is a review that I should have posted ages ago, but I forgot 🙁

As most of my readers will know, at the end of last year I moved into a new house. My friend, just prior to moving into the new house, recommend a cleaning company they had used recently and had been raving about called RGS Cleaners Sheffield. My friend lives in Leeds so I already knew that they serviced Leeds despite being based in Sheffield.

Now I hate cleaning at the best of times, even when it is just a weekly clean. Unfortunately the previous owners of my new house did not leave in a very good state 🙁 I am talking here about the need for a deep clean and a full bottoming!

RGS Cleaning

The kitchen in the new house was minging. All the tiles around where the oven hob had been were covered in grease on the surfaces and between the grout lines. The back of the cupboards were filthy and lets not even talk about how much dirt and grime there was on the floor where the appliances had been.

The rest of the house was not as bad, in terms of dirt but all the skirts throughout were dusty and the light fittings upstairs were covered in cobwebs.

Oliver from RGS came out to give me a quote for a deep clean. I was a bit shocked when he said it would cost £120 to clean the whole house. However, when he explained to me that they would steam clean all the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, I was sold. The price also included all the windows doing inside and out and a carpet clean of the lounge carpet.

Steam cleaning a carpet

The day the deep clean was due, Oliver and three of his team, turned up bang on time. Two of them went straight to work upstairs and Oliver and Tony got straight to work on steam cleaning the kitchen.

So what were RGS like?

Well, the steam cleaning in the kitchen brought all the tiles and grout up like new. The lounge carpet smelt fresh and clean and just the general standard of the cleaning was great. All the staff were friendly and conscientious and they did not even take a break in the two hours it took to clean the entire house.

A great job by all overall and I would recommend RGS highly for any domestic cleaning jobs  you may have around Leeds or even Sheffield.

You can contact RGS Cleaning Here