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Seven Years after a tragedy – Wind Buffers are finally installed around Bridgewater Place

So after many years of procrastination, i see that the wind buffers have finally been installed around bridgewater Place.

Grove Inn Leeds

I used to work in an office around the corner from there and i can tell you for a fact that, it was incredibly hazardardous trying to walk to the tesco express shop in the building when there was any kind of wind.

One day I was walking along between the Grove Inn and the ramp leading up to Tesco and i was literally lifted up off my feet and thrown a meter to the side.

I have seen people hanging on to the railings for dear life as they tried to negotiate the ten foot wide alleyway between the Grove and the side of Bridgewater Place (pictured above).

The plans for wind Baffles were originally put in place for combating the widespread tunnel in 2014, after the death of Edward Slaney, a pedestrian from Sowerby Bridge, who was killed in 2011 after being crushed by a truck that had been blown off its wheels near Bridgewater Place.

When this first happened, a councillor from Leeds City Councils executive members for regeneration scheme, Richard Lewis, said:

“As a council we are clear that the danger posed by this building to the public is unacceptable and we have tirelessly pushed for nothing less than the best possible solution to this situation.

“We did not wait for the owners to act on their responsibilities but continued to put pressure on them while we set about working with leading wind experts to tackle these issues. While doing so we also addressed the junction’s safety through installation of barriers and railings, along with closures in times of high winds.”

So nearly seven years later they are finally in place. What i want to know is, have they actually made any difference?

I am also interested to know who footed the bill for all this? If you have any information on any of this, please comment below. Obviously, we have just had some really bad weather over the last few weeks and i think we could get some good appraisals of the scheme from people who walk around there regularly.

How would Leeds Having a Premier League Team Help the Cities Economy?

2004 was a grim year for Leeds United and the city of Leeds in general……….

The relegation of our team to the Championship signalled the start of thirteen years of despair for our fans as we hit the bottom of League One for the first time in our history.

It was also the platform for shyster’s, crook’s and general lunatic’s to take charge of us for their own monetary gain, ego boost or both.

From a fans point of view it was gutting to get relegated but unfortunately it had wider reaching consequences to the City of Leeds as a whole. I am talking about it’s effect on the local economy.

Although there have been far to few studies done on the correlation between having a successful Premier League team and the local economy, it is obvious that the two go hand in hand.

This BBC article about Reading FC’s promotion from 2013 states:

“There’s no doubt Premier League football has put Reading on the map, not just in the UK but worldwide. It’s free advertising for us on a level which we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise and that helps companies here make global deals and bring inward investment.

“All sectors of the economy here benefit. We have large corporations like Microsoft and the deals they generate help feed smaller to medium-sized companies. The Premier League has to be part of the sales pitch for businesses in our area.”

I know from personal experience that Leeds United success, especially in European competitions, has put the city on the map. A few years ago, i was asked by a local on a small island just off the coast of Thailand, where i was from and i said Leeds, the first thing he said was; “Ahhh Leeds United, yes?”

An in depth study done by Cardiff University looking at Swansea’s promotion in 2011 found the following:

The Premier League football generated £58m to the local economy, which included an estimated 400 jobs. Its report suggested that while the majority of the economic value was created directly by the football club, most of the jobs created and safeguarded were from ‘non-footballing’ activity.

Fast forwarding now to 2017…………..

Andrea Radrizzani’s full takeover of Leeds United in May 2017 has brought a feel good factor back to the city of Leeds. Him buying back the clubs stadium and home, Elland road, along with investments in the team and ground have helped to create a buzz around the city.

Radrizzani is now working  with Leeds City Council to develop the land they own for a new training ground in the centre. Read more here Leeds City Council know that a successful Leeds United will bring more money into the local economy.

As both a fan and someone who is interested in the continued growth of our city, i hope 2017 goes down in history as the year Leeds United were promoted back to the Premier League after over a decade in the doldrums!


Leeds To Create Its Very Own Version Of New York’s High Line

I have recently heard some fantastic news about our city…….We are going to get a High Line, like New York City!

The disused Holbeck Viaduct (pictured above) is going to be transformed into a sky park with it’s arches beneath being developed into bars and restaurants. The development, named the “Holbeck Viaduct Project”, will also include 307 newly built homes and landscaping of the entire surrounding area.

Holbeck Viaduct as it currently looks

The 1.7km of old railway track that has been disused since the 1960s, will provide panoramic views of Leeds City Centre and its creators hope that it will help to transform the local community in Holbeck.


The whole project was inspired by High Line Park in New York City and Leeds Councillor Asghar Khan,  has quoted: “It will be like welcoming a bit of New York in Leeds.”

What is The High Line?

Created on an elevated section of disused New York Railroad, is the 2.34km long High Line Park, New York City. This now famous arial greenway project was created between 2006 – 2016 in three stages and stretches from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street. It continues to see exciting new additions to this day.

The major attraction of this New York Project is down to its elevation. You can get a unique look at the rest of the city by hopping on it in seconds, using the steps or elevators provided to take a look around or enjoy a scenic walk.

There is nothing more magical than the High Line in New York because of its aesthetic appeal and how it engrosses the city. You will be left mesmerized, and that is why it continues to be a big part of the city’s ethos. This is a unique attraction that has been built with a high level of care and continues to woo people around the city. 

The View of a New York Resident

Built along the historic freight rail line it was set up with the premise of creating something powerful and unique, while making the most of a historic freight rail line at the same time.


Picture By Beyond My KenOwn work, GFDL, Link

The Line is spread through various areas of New York, whether you are looking to get to Chelsea Market or to another part of town, you will be able to by the High Line. This is what makes it such a fantastic addition to the city.

Many different parts of the High Line are memorable and well-regarded for their mesmerising beauty, these include the passages around Chelsea Market, Northern Spur Preserve, and 14th Street. This is what makes the High Line special in the heart of New York because it has that historic touch people look for in a major city such as this.

The Holbeck Viaduct Project

I hope that the Holbeck project will have a similar outcome, as this run down area of Leeds is definitely in need of regeneration. Below are some artists impressions of what it should look like when it is complete and below that is a video including a stunning arial view of the viaduct:

Arches under Holbeck Highline

How The Holbeck Highline will look when complete

For more information on the project visit the official site here.

To have your say on the project go here.