Getting an Underfloor Heating System Installed

As you may know from a previous post, i recently moved into a new house. In my old house i had previously experimented with an electric underfloor system as oppose to a radiator. Bad Move! I found the electric system to be slow to heat, un-economical and a liability (more about that later).

I went for an electric underfloor heating system as i was planning on installing a fabulous high spec, white laminate floor in my upstairs “Man Cave”. So i needed a system that was low level and could be fitted on top of the existing floorboards without raising the level of the floor too much.

The electric system was easy to fit, done by me and a friend of mine in less than an hour. We tested it prior to installing the laminate and everything seemed to be working great. However as soon as we laid the laminate floor over it, it would take over five minutes before we could feel any heat coming through it. Even then it did not feel particular warm.

Over the next few days i played around with the digital thermostat, gradually setting it higher and higher to see how warm the room would get. It turned out that i needed to set it to over 90F to get the room temperature up to anything like comfortable (105F on really cold winter days). As you can imagine, this was starting to make my electric bills spike.

The final nail in the coffin for me using the electric underfloor heating actually came when my family spent a weekend away from home. I walked back into my room on the Monday morning after a trip to the seaside, only to be hit by a wall of heat as soon as i opened the door.

I knew for a fact that the underfloor heating had been turned off before we left and was stunned to find that the digital thermostat was reading 115F. It came to light later than day, that while we were away that weekend, there had been numerous power cuts on our street due to the electricity company doing some “maintenance work”. It seems that when the power had been restored at the mains, that something had been tripped on the thermostat and caused it to turn on. I had no idea how long it had been on for but i can assure you that my next electricity bill was even uglier than usual!

So this time around when i was considering getting an underfloor heating system, i decided to try a water underfloor heating system. I found a company who supplied these systems in Leeds with a quick online search. The company are called WarmFloors and are actually based in Bradford.

installing wet underfloor system

The rooms i wanted underfloor heating in this time were the kitchen and dining rooms, that we were renovating from scratch. With it being a ground floor installation this time, i knew that i was not just restricted to electric underfloor heating and i had heard that wet underfloor heatings systems are even more cost effective than radiators.

The installation was done by WarmFloors in both rooms in just over a day and a half. First they laid the pipes and connected it to too the new heat pump. Then a layer of liquid screen was poured over the pipes to create a level surface for the new tiles we were going to be installing.

I found the team at WarmFloors to be very knowledgeable, courteous and efficient in their installation process and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a underfloor heating system in Yorkshire. You can vist their website here:

We have now got our new tiles down and are impressed with both how warm the floor gets and also how well the whole floor is covered with no cold spots.

Underfloor heating Tiled floor






Just note that with this type of underfloor heating system, they usually recommend that you wait around two weeks for the screed to fully dry out before you fit your new flooring.


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