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After reading a variety of articles explaining the benefits of wall coating, as well as seeing the visual improvements it can make to a property, I was eager to give it a go myself. I purchased a roller and a couple tins of paint and began searching through tutorial videos on Youtube to see what I could find. Armed with my tools and freshly acquired knowledge, I stepped outside and after trying relentlessly for a few hours, it was evident that I would need some more help.

After a quick search for Wall Coatings in Leeds and a few phone calls, I received a well-priced estimate from a staff member at Jag Wall Coatings and we arranged a date for their visit. A few days later they turned up on time and completed the job without any fuss.  They had an impressive selection of colours to choose from – I went for Sky Blue which makes my property look great. I am very pleased with the finished product and have received a handful of compliments on how much better my home looks with the fresh layer of paint.

Besides looking good, the wall coating service offers a bunch of other benefits to your property:

  • Mould and Algae resistant– A good wall coating is breathable and stops penetrating damp, which stops water damage and the development of algae.
  • Plenty of colours– As mentioned, there are a huge variety of colours and finishes available from most wall coating companies, allowing you to pick one that perfectly suits your home.
  • Covers cracks– Removes horrid blemishes and cracks on the exterior of your house. Also adds a protective layer to help prevent further damage.
  • Adds value to your property– Due to all of the benefits, adding an additional coating to your home can prove to be a very worthy investment, allowing you to add value to your home without breaking the bank.

Jag also offer an Exterior Wall Rendering service which is best suited to walls that have large cracks, blown render or damp issues. They use a GRC Polymer Render (Glass reinforced) for maximum durability and protection throughout the year.

Man applying wall coating

Before making the same mistake as me and trying to paint the entire of your property by yourself, I would definitely recommend getting a quote from a professional wall coating company. It is far less expensive than people tend to think and it saves countless hours of headache.

My experience with Jag Wall Coatings was amazing and I couldn’t find a fault in their service. The staff members were very friendly and answered all the questions I had before any work was started. They did a superb job of coating my home and managed to keep within my tight budget.

If you would like to see more about their wall coating services or receive a free estimate, you can do so on their website: https://www.jagwallcoatings.co.uk/or call their Leeds based headquarters on 0800 0438891.

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