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If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of a leaking roof, you’ll understand that getting it repaired QUICKLY is pretty much the only thing on your mind until it’s fixed. When I woke up to a rather large puddle of water in my upstairs bathroom, I knew that I would have to find an emergency roofer located in Leeds. Normally I would put this sort of thing off for a few days and pray for sunshine, but a few buckets wouldn’t have been able to hold the rain coming through the roof.

This was the first time I had ever needed to get in touch with a roofing contractor and I had no idea how much this repair would end up costing. After a few searches I came across a couple numbers and decided to give SDK Roofing Ltd a ring. They started by asking me a few general questions about my roof, which I assume were to make sure that it wouldn’t collapse while they travelled over. Following the phone call, 2 roofers from SDK showed up at my house within the hour! They took a quick look and gave me a quote before beginning any of the repair work. Thankfully, the price was very fair and wasn’t close to what some online forums were speculating. I gave them the go ahead and almost instantly began to feel relieved, knowing that my roof was in the hands of professionals.

Re Pointing Roof

The repair was done perfectly and didn’t take long at all. I was also told that my roof repair was fully guaranteed so if anything should happen, I can give them a call and it will be sorted as soon as possible. I was very impressed with the service that SDK Roofing Ltd provided and they will definitely be my first port of call whenever I need any form of maintenance for my roof.

They also provide a full roof replacement service, which is a great way of adding value and bringing your property back to life. SDK offer 2 different types of roofing – Slate and Tile. Slate adds a more natural finish to your property, which tile tends to better suit modern homes and conservatories.

SDK Roofing Limited of Leeds have over 12 years of combined experience as a roofing contractor in leeds behind them and can work on virtually any roof related project (For both residential and commercial customers). For more information on any of their services, to see more customer reviews or to start work on your own project, you can visit their website: use the following number: 01138 056616.

Thanks to Andy Wood in Leeds for this business review.

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