Seven Years after a tragedy – Wind Buffers are finally installed around Bridgewater Place

So after many years of procrastination, i see that the wind buffers have finally been installed around bridgewater Place.

Grove Inn Leeds

I used to work in an office around the corner from there and i can tell you for a fact that, it was incredibly hazardardous trying to walk to the tesco express shop in the building when there was any kind of wind.

One day I was walking along between the Grove Inn and the ramp leading up to Tesco and i was literally lifted up off my feet and thrown a meter to the side.

I have seen people hanging on to the railings for dear life as they tried to negotiate the ten foot wide alleyway between the Grove and the side of Bridgewater Place (pictured above).

The plans for wind Baffles were originally put in place for combating the widespread tunnel in 2014, after the death of Edward Slaney, a pedestrian from Sowerby Bridge, who was killed in 2011 after being crushed by a truck that had been blown off its wheels near Bridgewater Place.

When this first happened, a councillor from Leeds City Councils executive members for regeneration scheme, Richard Lewis, said:

“As a council we are clear that the danger posed by this building to the public is unacceptable and we have tirelessly pushed for nothing less than the best possible solution to this situation.

“We did not wait for the owners to act on their responsibilities but continued to put pressure on them while we set about working with leading wind experts to tackle these issues. While doing so we also addressed the junction’s safety through installation of barriers and railings, along with closures in times of high winds.”

So nearly seven years later they are finally in place. What i want to know is, have they actually made any difference?

I am also interested to know who footed the bill for all this? If you have any information on any of this, please comment below. Obviously, we have just had some really bad weather over the last few weeks and i think we could get some good appraisals of the scheme from people who walk around there regularly.

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