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Well this is the first business review i have done in a while. I seem to have had a number of poor services provided to me lately by local businesses. People that know me, know that i don’t like to write a bad review on poor quality services. The company in question may just have been having a bad day and i feel that writing really bad reviews online can really damage a companies reputation. We are not in the business of hurting local businesses here (if it was a national company then we would!)


I recently moved house here in Leeds, not very far, literally just over five miles in distance from the old house to the new property. I had been very busy in the build up to the move and i literally was struggling to pack everything my self. So when i decided to look for a removals company to shift my stuff, i was delighted to see that a lot of companies offered a packing and unpacking service.

In the end after much price shopping, i decided on Leeds removal company Eton Jones. They were one of the companies which offered the packing services but were still reasonably priced.

Furniture being moved

I moved on a Saturday and the owner Chris and three of his team turned up twenty minutes early on the morning with a ridiculous amount of large brown boxes and parcel tape!

They then proceeded to pack all my smaller stuff, which i have stacked almost ceiling high in the lounge for the next couple of hours. This was then followed by all the furniture which had been stored in the dinning room, being secured into the back of their large truck. I was impressed by the amount of care  which was taken when loading this onto the truck. The staff at Eton Jones did not seem to be in a rush and were more interested in making sure that everything was stacked neatly.

Finally, all the boxes that had been packed were then slotted around the furniture and everything was secured in place with bungee cords.

I went off at this point for an hour or so to get the keys for the new house from the estate agents and made my way over to the new house. By the time i got to the house, the guys had already unpacked all the boxes from the truck onto the driveway and were ready to take them in the house.

Each box was then taken to the relevant room of the house, where the guys unpacked everything onto the floor. All the boxes were then taken back to the truck. This was great because i did not have to start thinking about what stuff was in what box, everything was neatly laid out on the floor. Also i was not left with a load of boxes to get rid of!

Finally, all the large furniture items were brought it the house and placed exactly where i wanted. Again, the guys were exceptionally careful when moving the furniture off the truck and into the house.

I definitely would recommend the packing and unpacking service to anyone getting a removals company in to help them with a house move. It definitely takes a lot of hassle out of what is usually a stressful experience.

Eton Jones Leeds Removal Company

In regard to Eton Jones, i would recommend them highly. They were prompt, well organised, friendly and took exceptional care with everything they did.

For more information on their services or to book them for your own removals job, you can visit their website here:

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